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Top 10 Best Imported Pet Food Brands available in Pakistan

This is to address all the pet owners / pet lovers in Pakistan, who care for their furry friends and want to give them the best in everything. Those who love their pets, treat them as family members and want to give them the best pet care. Generally caring for the pets involve giving them the right food, clean water, hygienic living conditions, grooming, medical facilities, playing options and quality time with the owners.

The right pet food should be a balanced nutrition formula that helps maintain the pet’s health and appearance. If proper diet is given to a pet, its results are evident through its appearance and behavior. Good pet food facilitates growth in puppies and kittens, maintains healthy weight in adult dogs and cats, improves the fur quality and improves overall behavior. Moreover, the pet food should have an appealing taste and smell that could attract the pets and at the same time, it should be competitively-priced and easily available for the pet owners.

There are several pet food brands available in the country, which are either manufactured locally or are imported from other countries, namely Thailand, Turkey, China, Italy, Brazil, etc.

According to our research _ which is based upon market analysis, vet endorsements, shopkeepers’ recommendations and customer surveys _ we have managed to list down the Top 10 Best Imported Pet Food Brands available in Pakistan, which are as follows:

1.        Hifur Cat Food

2.        Maximate Dog Food

3.        Me-O Cat Food

4.        SmartHeart Dog & Cat Food

5.        Birbo Dog & Cat Food

6.        Monello Dog & Cat Food

7.        Nicky’s Cat Food

8.        Optimum Fish Food

9.        Monello Select Dog & Cat Food

10.      Petcool Dog & Cat Food

This list shows a combination of cat food, dog food and fish food brands, which are further bifurcated into dry cat food, dry dog food, wet cat food, wet dog food, puppy food, kitten food, adult dog food, adult cat food, cat treats (creamy treats), etc.  All these pet food brands are high in nutrition and provide a balanced diet to your pets. The pets easily adapt to their appealing taste and they are available at economical prices that suit the pet owners.

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